Creating Seamless Blends: Combining Two Images with Photoshop’s Generative Fill Tool

Matt Wolfe is a YouTuber that I watch to keep up to date with the latest AI apps/tools and in a certain segment of this video he talks about Photoshop Generative Fill Tool. I started the video from that designated time slot.

After watching the clip, it gave me what if? ideas that I know people have asked me to do in the past.

One concept that immediately caught my attention was the possibility of combining photos of distant family members who couldn’t attend important gatherings or even those who have unfortunately passed away.

With the Generative Fill Tool, it becomes conceivable to merge their images seamlessly with current photographs, preserving cherished memories.

In my line of work, clients have often approached me with the desire to incorporate family members into images using Photoshop. However, this task has proven challenging at times, especially when provided with less than ideal source materials. The Generative Fill Tool could potentially alleviate these difficulties, simplifying and streamlining the process significantly.

The video also shows examples of expanding the surroundings on an original image (in Matt Wolfe’s case an album cover) but again, my brain was thinking What if someone has a torn photo? You could scan the image and the generative tool can replace an arm or legs?

The implications of such a tool extend beyond image blending and restoration. The convenience of simple restoration techniques could be just a touch away, enabling individuals to revitalize worn-out photographs with remarkable ease.