Midjourney YouTube Channels

So here are a few YouTube channels I like to watch. I’ll keep adding to this page as time progresses. These are not in any particular ranking.

The YouTuber known as Maximize covers AI and tech. He usually is quick with a video to discuss the latest upgrades to Midjourney.

Learning Orbis covers Chat GPT and AI art. I’ve used some of their ideas in an article.

Mindstorm Digital Marketing covers making money from AI art and Chat GPT. Lots of interesting ideas on his channel.

One channel that has blown up quite quickly is Matt Wolfe. He covers all things AI, including AI related sites that are in early stages but could have a huge impact on the internet of the future.

His site futuretools.io is definitely worth a look.

Ivy Hang covers topics that are important when it comes to AI art and keeping the same character look. These ideas are ideal for creating books, which as it turns out a lot of people are doing.

Olivero Sarikas has a great channel that stays up to date with the latest in Midjourney. He shows work from other people and talks about prompts.