Prompt Ideas for Midjourney From Twitter: #001

I am embarking on a new venture where I plan to introduce a fresh category on my website, dedicated to featuring captivating ideas discovered within the Twitterverse. The vast expanse of this social media platform is teeming with an abundance of remarkable prompts, and I am eager to create a space where I can collect and revisit them at my leisure.

I hope they inspire you to when it comes to creating art ideas for canvases.

My intention is to explore these ideas further and experiment with various visual concepts that they inspire. By curating this collection, I aim to showcase the brilliance and diversity of ideas circulating on Twitter, while also providing a platform for my own creative interpretations.

Starting with Lukas Lutz, he had the following prompt: Koriden created Passion for scifi, brush strokes, illustration –ar 9:16 –s 750 –q 2 –q 2 –v 5.1 which created a fantastic Sci Fi painting with brush strokes.

These would look great on canvas for the brush strokes. Vertical panorama canvas images can be just as impactful as horizontal panoramas.

Vertical panorama canvas images possess a unique ability to draw the viewer’s gaze upwards, creating a sense of height and grandeur. Furthermore, vertical panoramas offer an alternative perspective, breaking away from the traditional horizontal format.

By defying convention, these artworks bring a fresh and innovative touch to any narrow space.

Being an animal lover I was intrigued to see what this prompt would create for a Sci Fi dog or Persian cat.

If these images were to be transferred onto canvas, the texture and depth of the brush strokes would become even more pronounced. The canvas material enhances the quality of the artwork, allowing you to appreciate the technique involved in creating such captivating compositions.

As always I’ll end up using one of these a little further down the track, or maybe add more prompts to expand on it.

Lastly I’ll mention that this image looks familiar, she has that Déjà vu aura about her. Makes you think that Midjourney has plucked a female Sci Fi video game character from somewhere and said Here you go!