Revolutionary New AI Tools You Should Know About: Styledrop & Clipdrop

In Matt Wolfe’s latest video, which serves as a treasure trove of information, he offers an insightful rundown on the latest AI tools that are hitting the market.

For those who are unacquainted, Matt Wolfe runs the website, known for his astute analyses and reviews on emerging AI technologies. His videos are always packed with nuggets of information.


StyleDrop, the AI tool that initially caught my attention, has proven itself to be something beyond the ordinary. This AI-powered platform is taking image generation and style replication to the next level.

At its core, StyleDrop employs advanced algorithms to analyze the artistic style in any given image and then allows users to generate new images that maintain the same artistic flair. What differentiates it from other AI image generators is the uncanny fidelity with which it reproduces the stylistic nuances of the original artwork.

But that’s not all.

StyleDrop’s website showcases examples that demonstrate its capabilities.

These examples are not just limited to reproducing styles from renowned artists; the tool has a versatility that can adapt to a wide spectrum of styles and that got me thinking.

Think about the personal and emotional connection people have with art, especially when it comes to pieces created by loved ones. Take, for example, the adorable and heartfelt artworks that children bring home from school.

Imagine using StyleDrop to scan one of these precious pieces. With that single reference point, you could create an entire collage or even an art series that maintains the same style as the original artwork.

Picture this: a wall in your home adorned with a collection of artworks that look like your child’s evolving art project. This could be an exceptional way to celebrate and cherish the creativity of young ones. Moreover, this could be a valuable tool for educators, enabling them to create custom learning materials that resonate with a child’s artistic sensibility.

ClipDrop – Uncrop Tool

The second AI tool is from who make several AI tools but the one I’ll focus on is called Uncrop. Very similar to Adobe’s AI generative fill tool, it will enable you to create a larger image from an initial source.

So using this image from Midjourney as an example, I wanted to see what results Uncrop could create.

The first example is quite nice. Extends the trees and adds more people. I personally like this version the AI has offered.

Second image is also quite good. I think the tree on the right is a little weird. But you could be mistaken and think that was the original style.

Third image is okay. It definitely blends perfectly , but I’m not sure I would use that as a final result.

OK so AI images aside, what about a real photo?

Uploading an old scanned image I wanted to see what results the AI could create. The example image output size is 1024×576. By moving the blue borders, you can tell the AI what areas to recreate.

The first image is quite effective. It’s added a person to the right and (I’m impressed by this) it has kept the old magenta look for that added person.

Another interesting touch are the branches that are being extended. The background and lake are also kept in proportion which is great.

Luckily you can get approximately six variations (as you can see not all will be ideal) to download and use, after that, ClipDrop is a paid service.

Definitely two AI tools worth trying.

Styledrop isn’t officially released just yet, but when it is I will sure to be trying my idea out and see the results. Clipdrop can be accessed now and is free to use for a first visit.